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President’s Column
By James Jackson

It gives me great pleasure to serve as SPSSI President during this most important 75th Anniversary of its founding. We have a very special year planned with a Gala Celebration and APA program, which will include several exciting events around this occasion. This year, we will honor our very own ‘Arc of Wisdom’ at the Gala, host a SPSSI Variety Show at the APA Convention, and present a program theme on “SPSSI: Then & Now.” Highlights at the Convention will include the Lewin Award Lecture by Michelle Fine, hosted by Susan Opotow; a conversation hour with Phil Zimbardo regarding the 40th anniversary of the Stanford Prison Studies; a wonderful poster session on Psychology and Social Responsibility, and a number of important symposia featuring SPSSI’s 75-year themes on tolerance, social justice and gender equity: “Does Lewin Still Matter,” and “Research for Social Justice.” We have also planned an Early Career Scholars’ Reception as well as a Social Hour with Division 8 (Society for Personality and Social Psychology). All in all from the Gala Celebration through the intellectual APA Program it will be a good 75th year!

In addition to this year’s SPSSI meeting, I also want to highlight the recent publication of the Journal of Social Issues’ Special Issue on SPSSI at 75. A special SPSSI website featuring SPSSI’s long history of social action and social responsibility is also coming along and will go live in time for the celebration. I thank Alexandra Rutherford and David Livert for their fine work on these efforts.  Finally, I want to note that planning for the SPSSI independent biennial meeting in Charlotte in 2012 is progressing nicely under the leadership of President-Elect, Maureen O’Connor. Look for flyers at the 2011 APA meeting in August.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Executive Committee who have performed admirably during this year of my presidency. I believe that our Mid-Winter Council meeting was invaluable and many things were set in motion to assist SPSSI in having a successful second 75 year run. I want also to thank the SPSSI staff under the effective and inspired leadership of Susan Dudley. You will read in other parts of the Newsletter about recent staff addition and transitions – all designed to provide the SPSSI membership a well-deserved professional presence in Central Office. It is greatly appreciated.

As you are all aware, SPSSI is suffering under the same budget and funding restrictions that all of us experience in our academic and other organizational settings. SPSSI members have stepped up their voluntary efforts – the response to our call earlier in the year for volunteers was very gratifying and we have been working to include as many of you as possible on SPSSI Committees, Task Forces, and other special opportunities to give to the organization. It is greatly appreciated.

I am enjoying my year as President and it is due to the caring and giving individuals that I have had the pleasure to meet and work with on the Executive Committee, Council and across the breadth of the SPSSI membership. My special thanks to all of you.

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