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The Early Career Scholars Committee: We Seek Your Ideas!
By: Jeannetta G. Williams, Ph.D.

It’s the spring semester. You’re busy trying to finish projects that you hoped to complete during Spring Break and you’re contemplating all of the reading, writing, and reviewing that you’ll tackle this summer.  In other words, it is a time for reflection and for planning.  A goal of the Early Scholars Committee is to facilitate discussion about professional development opportunities and through this discussion, to build collaborative professional relationships.  We ask for your assistance to effectively meet your needs. 

First, please help us to identify the issues that are most pressing in terms of your professional development and the best way that we can facilitate discussion about those issues.  In the past, we have hosted a blog and we now have a Facebook page dedicated to Early Career Scholars. Please let us know if this is how you prefer to communicate with your colleagues and any specific topics of interest that you have.  For example, do you need resources to develop a social justice course? Applying for a grant to conduct community-based research? Needing guidance through the promotion and tenure process?  Interested in creating a writing circle?  Whatever your concerns are, it’s likely that others share them.  “Like” our Facebook page to offer your questions and comments.

Second, let’s look ahead to the celebration of SPSSI’s 75th Anniversary at the APA Convention in August.  What an exciting event for all of us to attend!  The Early Career Scholars Committee will host a reception at the convention.  As we are in the early planning stages, we seek your suggestions for the ECS reception theme and activities.  The ECS reception at the 2010 SPSSI Convention was a hit.  We hope to improve upon our success!  Send your ideas to the committee chair, Dr. Jeannetta Williams via e-mail:

Finally, we encourage you take advantage of the numerous opportunities available to SPSSI members.  Visit the SPSSI website ( to learn about SPSSI committees and task forces, funding opportunities, and information about the 75th Anniversary Gala.

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