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Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy
By Kevin Lanning (

ASAP Editor

ASAP is presently accepting commentaryon How much is enough? Examining the public’s beliefs about consumption (DOI: 10.1111/j.1530-2415.2011.01230.x).  This paper by Ezra Markowitz and Tom Bowerman examines public opinions about energy and resource consumption among Oregon residents. The authors find that there is a widespread consensus that we consume too many material goods, and suggest that goals of environmental and economic sustainability might be more readily met by focusing on consumption rather than related concerns such as the production of greenhouse gases.  Scholars with expertise or relevant knowledge in environmental science, survey research, environmental economics, and related areas are encouraged to submit commentary prior to June 30, 2011.  Peer-reviewed commentary will be relisted online together with the target paper and author’s reply later in 2011.

Our first paper in this format, Military Social Influence in the Global Information Environment: A Civilian Primer, elicited comments from Robert B. Cialdini, Stephan Lewandowsky and Werner G. K. Stritzke, Chih-Long Yen, Sophia Moskalenko, Clark McCauley, David R. Mandel, and Mandeep Dhami.  As you read this, their comments, together with Sara King’s target paper and her reply, should now be found online as a virtual issue (please look for virtual issues on the ASAP/Wiley homepage, 

Our collection of immigration papers has now started to appear. At this writing, five papers (by Matt Trujillo and Betsy Paluck, Walter Stephan, Liana Epstein and Phil Goff, Emily Fisher and her colleagues, and Jason Nier) are online or in production; I anticipate that between two and nine additional papers on immigration will reach ‘print’ during the next few months, and that these, together with commentary, will constitute our third virtual issue for 2011.

ASAP’s Editorial Board includes a number of new faces for 2011, including Jody Davis (Virginia Commonwealth), Liz Mullen (Stanford), Kristin Pauker (Stanford), and Peter Suedfeld (British Columbia), as well as three scholars from outside of North America, including Aarti Iyer (Queensland), Chris Cohrs (Queen’s University Belfast), Chris Sibley (Auckland).  Meg Bond, Heather Bullock, Frank Dane, Tom Denson, Dawn Howerton, I-Ching Lee, Geoff Maruyama, Ger Moane, Jaime Napier, Allen Omoto, Janet Ruscher, David Sugarman, Rhoda Unger, Rich Wiener, and Wendy Williams continue to serve on the board.  We will have an opening for a new Book Review Editor for 2012, as Wendy has asked to step down.  Nominations, including self-nominations, are welcome. 

The good shape of ASAP - its last two volumes were slightly over their page allocations, the content is strong (as is reflected in a rejection rate of 70%) - reflects the efforts of the Board and those of the large community of scholars who have reviewed for the journal.  My thanks if you are one of these (and if you would like to join this distinguished community, please send me a brief note describing your interests and expertise and I will add you to my database of possible reviewers).

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