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   Naomi Hall & Jon Iuzzini
   Forward Co-Editors

It is our pleasure to bring you the Summer 2011 issue of the SPSSI Newsletter. Although summer is officially over, this issue of the Forward provides you with a ‘look back’ on some important happenings taking place with SPSSI.  

SPSSI President-Elect, Maureen O’Connor of John Jay College and the Graduate Center at CUNY, provides a glimpse into the SPSSI priorities for the upcoming year. Additionally, Maureen provides some important announcements about the 2012 SPSSI Biennial Convention in Charlotte, NC, SPSSI programming at the Annual APA Conference in Orlando, FL.

This year SPSSI celebrates its 75th Anniversary. If you have not had the opportunity to visit the SPSSI online interactive historical timeline, please make sure you do so! It is located at the bottom of the front page of the SPSSI website. We also want to encourage our members to help us commemorate this very important anniversary by contributing information to the Fall newsletter..

As promised in the last newsletter, we continue to feature reports from Angel Colón Rivera, SPSSI’s James Marshall Public Policy Scholar; and from Alex Ingrams, SPSSI’s Policy Coordinator. We also have wonderful contributions from two award winners: 1)  Peony Fhagen-Smith of Wheaton College, SPSSI’s 2011 Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring Award winner; and 2) Caroline Bennett AbuAyyash, the 2011 APA Dalmas A. Taylor Public Policy Fellow.

Included in this issue are several other important features:

  • Reports from the Editors of each of SPSSI’s journals: JSI, ASAP, and SIPR.
  • A report from Wendy Williams, SPSSI representative to the APA Council of Representatives
  • A report by Anila Balkissoon acknowledging the 2011 Clara Mayo and Grants-In-Aid award winners

We wish to thank everyone who contributed to this issue of the newsletter. We hope that you enjoy reading it, and we encourage you to send us any comments or suggestions at



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