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   Spring 2011 Clara Mayo Grant Winners Announced
   Anila Balkissoon, SPSSI Administrative Coordinator

The Clara Mayo Grant program was set up to support masters’ theses or pre-dissertation research on aspects of sexism, racism, or prejudice.  The Spring 2011 Selection Committee consisted of Drs. Phillip Hammack (Chair), University of California at Santa Cruz, Sara McClelland, University of Michigan, David Frost, San Francisco State University, and Kristin Lane, Bard College.  Congratulations to the following scholars selected for this funding:

  • Sarah Bailey for her proposalThe Glass Cliff:  Why Decision-Makers Choose  Women for Difficult Leadership Positions
  • Carlos Garrido for his proposal Bystander sexism:  The Effect of Witnessing Sexism in Creating Ego Depletion and Intergroup Emotions
  • Courtney Hooker for her proposal I Feel Your Pain: Vicarious Experiences of Prejudice
  • Sahana Mukherjee for her proposal What Does It Mean to Be a ‘True’ American?

            National Identity and Immigration Policy

  • Amy Williams for her proposal Closing the Pay Gap:  Effective Negotiating Strategies for Women in Organizational Settings
  • Jenny Y. Xiao for her proposal A Perpetual Model of Intergroup Threat: Exploring the Mechanism Underlying the Relationship between Intergroup Threat and Discrimination

Spring 2011 Grants-in-Aid Funding Recipients Announced

SPSSI’s competitive Grants-in-Aid (GIA) program supports scientific research in social problem areas related to the basic interests and goals of SPSSI and particularly those that are not likely to receive support from traditional sources.  The Spring 2011 Selection Committee consisted of Drs. Markus Kemmelmeier (Chair), University of Nevada; Anne Galletta, Cleveland State University; Rachel Annunziato, Fordham University; and Michelle Tichy, St. Norbert College.  Congratulations to the following scholars, who were awarded funding in 2011:

Robin Edelstein; Neuroendocrine and Psychological Changes in Heterosexual and Lesbian Couples During the Transition to Parenthood

Guadalupe Espinoza; Cyberbullying Experiences Among Urban, Latino Adolescents: A Daily Diary Approach

Rob Foels; Assessing the Normative Belief that Racism is Over and Those Who Reject That Norm

Michael Gill; Yours Is to Reason Why: Social Explanatory Style as a Contributor to Compassionate Responding

Erik Girvan; Habits of Meaning:  When Does Learning to Categorize Situations Attenuate Bias in Social Judgments?

Diala Hawi; Multiple Group Relations: Maintaining Balance through Third-Party Effects

Eric Hehman; Discrimination and Loss of Control

Bronwyn Hunter; Men in Recovery from Substance Use: Stigma and Stigma Management

Drika Makariev; The Role of Race on the Development of Children’s Prosocial Reasoning

Shane Moulton; Group-based Shaping of Humor Perceptions and Reactions: The Case of Ageism

Lindsay Phillips; Coping with Reentry: Mixed Methods Analysis of Successful Transitions from Prison to Society

Mariana Preciado; An Experimental Study of the Impact of Stigma and Support on Self-Perceived Sexuality among Gay Men, Lesbians, and Heterosexuals

Ciara Smalls; Development of the Caregiver Racial Socialization in Context Questionnaire

Matthew Trujillo; The Effect of Status on Targets’ Reactions to Ethnic Miscategorziation

Anna Woodcock; When can Positive Counterstereotypes be Threatening?

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