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   Update on Journal of Social Issues
   Sheri Levy, JSI Editor

It has been a very busy summer at JSI.  The flow of high-quality submissions to JSI has been high and continues to reflect the wide range of social issues of interest to JSI readers.  Our international Editorial Board has been hard at work, and I am very thankful for their expert advice.  I am pleased to have three new Editorial Board Members: Manuela Barreto (Professor, Centre for Social Research and Intervention, CIS, Portugal, soon to be at University of Exeter, UK), Allan B.I. Bernardo (Professor, College of Education, De La Salle University, Philippines), and Ying-yi Hong (Professor, Nanyang Business School of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore).  Please view our editorial board at

We have many exciting issues recently in print and at the publishers.  Our Issue Editors are working closely with the Wiley Team and Alex Ingram (SPSSI’s Policy Coordinator) to publicize JSI issues. I hope you had a chance to read the second issue of 2011 (Anti-Gay Ballot Initiatives: The Social, Psychological, and Policy Implications, Issue Editors: Adam Fingerhut, Ellen Riggle, & Sherry Rostosky).  Keep an eye out for the third issue of 2011 (Scaling the Higher Education Pyramid: Research Addressing Academic and Career Success of Minorities and Women in Science and Engineering, Issue Editors: Moin Syed & Martin Chemers) and the fourth issue of 2011 (Towards a Social Psychology of Globalization, Issue Editors: Chi-yue Chiu, Peter Cries, Carlos Torelli, & Shirley Cheng).  The 2012 issues are also taking shape and will include Systems of Privilege: Intersections, Awareness, & Applications by Issue Editors, Kim Case & Jon Iuzzini.  Please take note of our upcoming lineup of outstanding issues on our webpages (

JSI issues continue to include addresses by SPSSI’s Presidents and Lewin Award Winners.  Please see Susan Opotow’s Presidential Address (Issue 1, 2011; Introduction by Past-President Dan Perlman) and Eugene Borgida’s Presidential Address (Issue 4, 2011, Introduction by Past-President Susan Opotow) as well as Lewin Address by Beatrice Wright which was prepared by by Past-President and Past-Lewin Award Winner Kay Deaux as well as Henry McCarthy, and Sheryl Lee Wurl (Issue 2, 2011) and Mark Zanna’s Lewin Address (Issue 3, 2011; Introduction by Past-President and Past-Lewin Award Winner Faye Crosby).

Contact JSI

I hope you will contact me by email ( about your ideas for issues for JSI. Please check out the JSI website ( for recent updates.  I want to thank Susan Dudley and Alex Ingrams for their tremendous assistance.

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