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   Social Issues and Policy Review
   Same Gaertner and Rupert Brown, SIPR Co-Editors 

Dear SPSSI members and friends,

As incoming co-editors of one of SPSSI’s peer reviewed journals, Social Issues and Policy Review (for 2012-2014),we are constantly looking authors for future articles.  At this time we ask that you take a moment to think about a favorite, relatively seasoned scholar whose research involves an important social issue (broadly defined). This person could be invited to prepare a broad and balanced review that includes a heavy dose of their own work (which should be fairly extensive) and then discuss policy recommendations that flow from the reviewed research.  

If someone comes to mind (perhaps a colleague, a mentor, quest speaker, or yourself), would you please contact us and include the person’s name, specific topic of his or her research and any contact information you may have available for this person.  If you have more than one suggestion, we would be happy to consider them all.  Please let us contact these people, so that we can more thoroughly describe to them the two-step process of manuscript submission.

Thank you very much. 
Sam Gaertner,  
Rupert Brown,                 


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