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   Becoming a Fellow: Why this is good for SPSSI
   Pamela T. Reid, Fellows Committee Co-Chair

Once again this year, APA announced new Fellows at the annual Fall convention. On behalf of the Fellows Committee, I am delighted to welcome our new SPSSI and APA Fellow.  They are:

APA & SPSSI Fellows
Ram Mahalingham, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan
Denise Sekaquaptewa, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan
Beverly Tatum, Ph.D, President, Spellman College

SPSSI Fellows
Samuel R. Sommers, Ph.D Associate Professor of Psychology, Tufts University
Hank Stam, Ph.D,  Professor of Psychology, University of Calgary
Elizabeth Cole, Ph.D, Professor of Women’s Studies, Psychology

Each of these new fellows has distinguished him or herself in the field of psychology as an educator, a scholar, or as a practitioner.  We are proud to have our members so recognized by their colleagues and their accomplishments bring honor to SPSSI. It is important for us to remember that the fellows committee takes care to recommend fellows who embody the goals of our organization. By selecting members to become fellows, we are able to demonstrate to our various communities how SPSSI lives its values and contributes to both the discipline and to society.

Becoming a fellow does take some effort – effort on the part of the nominee and on the part of the committee members. The nominee must fill out an application, send in a Curriculum Vitae., and help to make the case that he or she does excel in the areas of importance to SPSSI. The most difficult part appears to be securing the required recommendations. I understand completely that people are reluctant to burden their colleagues with this task. I hope that I can convince current fellows of SPSSI that it would make it easier if you would nominate worthy candidates and offer to write for your colleagues. This really does not take as much time as people seem to think it will. The fellows committee also helps with securing the recommendations; we provide reminders, summarize the reviews, and move the process along for the nominees. I want members of SPSSI to be assured that serious and substantive conversation and professional discussions take place among members of the fellows committee. The committee’s goal is not to be gatekeepers, rather the intention is to encourage and assist our members gain this prestigious recognition.


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