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Announcing SPSSI Program
2012 American Psychological Association Convention
Orlando, Florida, USA -  August 2-5, 2012
Sean Massey and Justin Hackett, Program Co-Chairs



A core goal of SPSSI is to "Bring empirically sound research findings to bear on public policy."   This year's Call For Papers focuses directly on this relationship conceptualizing it across the following themes:

  • How can research be designed to maximize its effect on public policy?

  • How can researchers increase the usefulness of and better communicate their findings to address social issues at the local governmental level?

  • As policy makers across all levels of government are forced to grapple with a profound and increasingly challenging fiscal crisis, critical human services are being drastically reduced or eliminated entirely.   How can we as researchers and practitioners assist policy makers in deciding how best to address these challenges?  In what ways can volunteerism help with this crisis?

  • Are there evidence-based practices that have effectively mixed research, advocacy and public policy?

  • What can SPSSI as an organization do to maximize both its influence on public policy at the local, state, and federal levels in the United States, and on both governmental and non-governmental organizations internationally?

SPSSI welcomes submissions for symposia, posters, workshops, and discussion sessions on this year's convention theme, as well as on the broad concerns of the division. Submissions will be anonymously reviewed.  Any questions about this call or SPSSI 2012 APA Convention programming should be directed to or

While the submission deadline (December 1, 2011) has passed, more information can be found on the APA website

Please note: according to APA guidelines, only APA members may be chairpersons of sessions.  For submission information, see


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