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Call for Reviewers
Journal of Latina/o Psychology

 The National Latina/o Psychological Association (NLPA) and the Journals Program of the American Psychological Association (APA) have joined together to launch the Journal of Latina/o Psychology, a peer-reviewed journal publishing scholarly writing on research, practice, advocacy, education, and policy relevant to Latino communities.

The Journal of Latina/o Psychology will publish empirical, theoretical, methodological, and applied research. The journal will focus on articles that contribute to knowledge of Latina/o psychology through research, methodological innovation, and inquiry; develop and advance theories pertinent to Latinas and Latinos; promote education and training of psychologists to work with Latinas  and Latinos; address issues of social justice and advocacy in Latina/o communities; promote the application of research and training to advancement of policy related to Latino individuals and communities; and use quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method approaches. Articles on topics such as immigration and its impact, health and wellness, spirituality, mental health issues, Latina/o identity, and multigenerational families will be of particular interest.  The journal will officially begin receiving manuscripts on October 1, 2011. The first issue will be published in Spring 2013.

We are seeking reviewers with expertise in these topics for the journal. We welcome students to serve as co- reviewers of manuscripts. If you are interested in reviewing manuscripts for the Journal of Latina/o Psychology, please send by September 16 a list of 6 or 7 phrases that indicate your areas of expertise and 2 or 3 words that represent your preferred methodologies to:   

Azara Santiago-Rivera, Ph.D

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

901 15th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20005


Please note that this is a 2 year commitment to serve as a reviewer for the journal.  We also welcome ad hoc reviewers who will serve  on an “as needed” basis.

 About the Editor

Azara L. Santiago-Rivera, PhD, NCC, is the Inaugural Editor of the Journal of Latina/o Psychology. Her publications and research interests include multicultural issues in the counseling profession, bilingual therapy, Latinos and depression, and the impact of environmental contamination on the biopsychosocial well-being of Native Americans.  She has presented on these topics at major  conferences and has published in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, the Journal of Counseling and Development, the Journal of    Community Psychology,  the Journal of Environment of Psychology, and Psychotherapy: Theory,

Research, Practice, Training.  She is a Fellow of Divisions 45 and 17 of APA.

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