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   APA Boards & Committees: Congratulations and a Call to Action
   By Wendy R. Williams and Allen M. Omoto

The American Psychological Association (APA) would not be able to carry out its mission without dedicated members who volunteer their time to govern the society. Within the APA governance system, there are numerous Boards and Committees that serve a variety of functions and constituencies.  They oversee Ethics, Membership, and Accreditation, as well as Publications, Finance, Scientific Affairs, and Ethnic Minority Affairs, to name a few of the Boards and Committees.  Much of the work of Boards and Committees eventually makes its way to the Council of Representatives (COR) where it is subsequently debated and voted on.  COR is the body that is responsible for setting the budget and policies for all of the APA.  For this column, we have several exciting announcements related to APA governance. 

First, and as some readers may be aware, four SPSSI members were recently elected to APA Boards and Committees; they will begin serving their respective terms in 2012.  We congratulate the following people who were elected by the APA COR to the following Boards:  1) Anderson J. Franklin on the Board of Professional Affairs (BPA), 2) Martin Y. Iguchi elected to the Board for Scientific Affairs (BSA), and 3) Toni C. Antonucci and Meg A. Bond who were both elected to the Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest (BAPPI).  Of course, there also are a number of other SPSSI members who currently serve on APA Boards and Committees or who stood for election this year.  We thank them all for their efforts and dedication.

In addition, we congratulate Dick Suinn who was recently elected by Division 9 (SPSSI) APA members to represent SPSSI on APA COR.  Although Dick is new as SPSSI’s representative, he has a wealth of experience with APA governance, including as the Association’s President, as COR representative for Division 12, and as a former member of numerous Boards and Committees.  Dick will replace Allen Omoto who served as one of SPSSI’s representatives to COR for six years.  However, Allen won’t be going far: he was recently elected SPSSI President-elect!  Wendy Williams is currently completing the second of her first three-year term on COR and is also the current SPSSI representative to the Divisions for Social Justice.  So, beginning in 2012, SPSSI will be represented on APA COR by Wendy and Dick. 

The next call for nominations for APA Boards and Committees will go out early in 2012.  Keep your eyes on the SPSSI listserv because we will be soliciting nominations, including self-nominations, from the SPSSI membership.  SPSSI is always looking to involve new people in SPSSI and APA governance.  Nominating and electing SPSSI members to APA Boards and Committees is one way that SPSSI can and does influence the APA.  We welcome the chance to answer any questions you have about being involved in APA governance or in helping you to find an appropriate governance outlet for your expertise and interests; simply send an email to Wendy Williams at or Allen Omoto at  As always, we also look forward to answering any questions you have about APA COR business and governance.

Note: At the end of December 2011, Allen Omoto completed his second term on the APA COR as one of SPSSI's representatives. This position will be filled by Richard Suinn beginning January 2012. 

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