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No. 244
Winter 2012


  President's Column
  Maureen O'Connor, SPSSI President



   Outgoing Editor's Column
   Naomi Hall & Jon Iuzzini




   Incoming Editor's Column

    Janice R. Adelman



   Secretary Treasurer's Report
     Margaret Bull-Kovera



   Policy Report
   Alex Ingrams, Policy Coordinator



  Grants-in-Aid Award Announcements
  Anila Balkissoon, SPSSI Administrative Coordinator



   Update on the Journal of Social Issues
   Sheri Levy, JSI Editor



  Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy
  Keving Lanning, ASAP Editor



  Social Issues and Policy Review
  Sam Gaertner and Rupert Brown, SIPR Editors



   Early Career Scholars
   Jessica Salvatore, Chair



   Graduate Students Committee
   Jesica Fernandez 



  Updates from SPSSI Rep to APA COR
   Allen Omoto and Wendy Williams,
   Division 9 Representatives to
   APA Council of Representatives



   Teaching and Mentoring Committee 
   Kim Case, Teaching and Mentoring Committee Chair




   SPSSI UN Openings

   Joseph Demeyer, SPSSI UN Chair




SPSSI New York
    Harold Takooshian, Chair



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