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   Moving Forward
   By Janice R. Adelman
   Forward Editor

I am delighted to be taking the reins from Naomi Hall and Jon Iuzzini, the Forward’s fearless editors for the past three years. I hope to continue churning out exciting newsletters that represent our society’s interests and work. You may be wondering what it is that I bring to the SPSSI table. I have been a SPSSI member since year one of my graduate school career (which began in the academic year 2004-05. I confess, this wasn’t all that long ago...). As I began my doctoral studies in social psychology, I was excited to embark on a path that would allow me to scientifically and rigorously study such phenomena as ethnic conflict and political violence.  When first exposed to SPSSI, I realized that interest “in the application of research on the psychological aspects of important social issues to public policy solutions” was not just my own. That first year of grad school, I ran for a position on SPSSI’s Graduate Student Committee (GSC). Consequently, at the start of my second year in graduate school, I began my term as Member-at-Large on the GSC. I also assisted Allen Omoto and Shana Levin in their roles as the 2006 Biennial Convention Local Coordinators. In my third year of grad school, I became chair-elect of SPSSI’s GSC, followed by year four as GSC chair. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to begin my SPSSI service so early, gaining first-hand knowledge of the important role the society plays in our field. Now, having embarked on the post-graduate phase of my career, I am incredibly excited at this opportunity to continue to serve SPSSI’s mission as the Forward’s incoming editor. My predecessors have done a fantastic job of sharing information through this newsletter – not only about the goings-on in the Central Office and in Council, but also regarding different members’ work, from academia to the Hill, including early career scholars and experienced sages, both within North America and beyond. SPSSI is an eclectic organization and this newsletter is a window into that dynamism. My goal for the next three years is to continue showcasing our talents and efforts in the classroom and in society. I encourage you to send me your thoughts on what you’d like to see in your newsletter and on ways to expand our readership. The more people read about what we do, the more we can “bring theory and practice into focus on human problems of the group, the community, and nations, as well as the increasingly important problems that have no national boundaries.”

Janice looks forward to hearing from you. She can be reached at

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