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  Message from Outgoing Co-Editors
  Naomi Hall, Jon Iuzzini 

We have come to the end of our time as co-editors of The Forward.  We are thankful and grateful to those who provided us with interesting and engaging ideas over the past three years. Additionally, we are appreciative of the support and assistance offered to us throughout our journey. We have truly enjoyed our time working with the SPSSI Council and the members.

During our three years as editors we experimented with new ideas. Some were suggested by members, and others were developed by us. One idea that received very positive reviews was the Emerging Scholars column. This column was created to highlight individuals who exhibit exceptional academic and leadership potential in advancing our understanding of important social issues and policy implications. We were able to highlight the diversity and creativity of our membership in this column, which was one of our main goals as editors. We hope that we were successful in that endeavor.

As we leave our positions, we are excited to welcome Janice Adelman as the new editor.  We leave the newsletter in very capable and enthusiastic hands. We wish her the best!

As always, we have some great columns for you this issue…so enjoy!

Naomi Hall & Jon Iuzzini

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