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   Journal of Social Issues
   Sheri Levy, Editor



My term as Editor of JSI is starting to come to a close. On June 1, it will be four years since I began as Editor-Elect.  I am grateful for the tremendous opportunity to be an Editor of JSI and to collaborate with a magnificent team of Issues Editors, contributors, and the JSI Editorial Board team including Dominic Abrams, Manuela Barreto, Allan B.I. Bernardo, Jacquelynne Eccles, Dariusz Galasinski, Jennifer E. Graham, Carolin Hagelskamp, Nick Haslam, Ying-yi Hong, Dawn Howerton, Dina Karafantis, Melanie Killen, Shana Levin, Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, Allen M. Omoto, Jason Plaks, Luisa Ramirez, Jennifer Richeson, Adam Rutland, Isis Settles, Beth Shinn, Colleen Varga, Maykel Verkuyten, and Johanna Vollhardt.  I am also grateful for the sage advice that I have received over the years from Susan Dudley, Irene Frieze, Barbara Gutek, Rick Hoyle, Susan Opotow, and Dan Perlman. Thank you! Thank you, SPSSI!  At Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, I would especially like to thank Senior Production Editor, Johnny Siever, who is always helpful and patient.

Congratulations to Ann Bettencourt, who as of June 1, 2012, is Editor-Elect!  As Editor-Elect, Ann is receiving all new proposals and is overseeing all issues in progress that will appear in print starting in 2014.  It is a great pleasure to work with Ann during our transition period.

The following 2012 issues are in print, at the publisher, or close to being in route to the publisher.

Issue 1: Systems of Privilege: Intersections, Awareness, & Applications (Issue Editors, Kim Case & Jon Iuzzini)

Issue 2: The Reality of Contemporary Discrimination: The Consequences of Hidden Bias in Legal, Employment, and Health Care Context (Issue Editors: Jason A. Nier & Samuel L. Gaertner). 

Issue 3:  The Intersection of Psychology and Globalization (Issue Editors: Jeannette Diaz-LaPlante & Sabrina Zirkel)

Issue 4: Sustainability in Combining Career and Care (Issue Editors: Marloes van Engen, Claartje Vinkenburg, & Josje Dikkers)

Also nearing the final stage of development is Issue 1 of 2013, which is The Aftermath of Genocide: Psychological Perspectives (Issue Editors: Johanna Vollhardt & Michal Bilewicz). The last three issues of my term (Issues 2, 3, and 4 of 2013) are also well-underway.  Please keep an eye out for announcements at

-Sheri Levy

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