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As we went to press, the NC initiative against marriage equality was passed by voters. SPSSI will proactively address this critically important social justice issue in multiple ways at our upcoming conference in Charlotte. Please keep an eye out for updates and announcements.

Issue No. 245
Summer, 2012


   President's Column

    Maureen O'Connor



   Editor's Column
   Janice Adelman



    Special Thanks to Two Special SPSSI Central Office Vendors

      Susan Dudley, SPSSI Executive Director



   Policy Report

   Alex Ingrams, Policy Coordinator





   Update on the Journal of Social Issues
    Sheri Levy, JSI Editor




   Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy 
    Kevin Lanning, ASAP Editor



   SPSSI Around the World
Spotlight on Anja Eller, PhD.




  Psychologists Collaborate at the UN on Advocacy
  for the Eradication of Poverty

   Corann Okorodudu





    Teaching and Mentoring Column
    Kim Case, Teaching and Mentoring Committee Chair


   SPSSI In the Classroom: A "Mindful"
   Approach to Teaching Social Issues

   Tracie L. Stewart, University of Mississippi




   Report on the Task Force on Two-Tiered Academic Labor

     Gretchen Reevy




   SPSSI New York

    Harold Takooshian, Chair



  APA Council of Representatives 
  Wendy Williams, Richard Suinn 




   SPSSI's 2012 Biennial Conference in Charlotte, NC
    Demis Glasford and David Livert, Program Co-Chairs




Division 9 at APA
   Justin D. Hackett and Sean Massey,  Program Co-Chairs



   Call for Submissions
   Joint SPSSI-EASP Small Group Conference




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