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   Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy

   Kevin Lanning, ASAP Editor


Janet Ruscher ( is now serving ASAP as our Associate Editor for Commentary. She is overseeing the collection of responses to a new paper by Terri Conley of the University of Michigan titled "The Fewer the Merrier? Assessing Stigma Surrounding Non-normative Romantic Relationships." We also are continuing to welcome commentary on Clark McCauley’s "Testing Theories of Radicalization in Polls of US Muslims." Both papers are available on request (please e-mail me or Editor Ruscher); in addition, the McCauley paper may be found in the Early View section of the Wiley – ASAP website ( The deadline for receipt of comments on each of these papers is September 30.

Other recently published papers available on the website include papers on perceptions of expert testimony in the courtroom (Dover, Matthews, Krauss & Levin), on implicit beliefs in "birtherism” (Crawford & Bhatia), and on the relationship between warmth, competence, and the perceived legitimacy of status (Oldmeadow & Fiske).  The website also includes a number of published comments on conservation psychology and helping. These will be "rebundled" together with the original articles and authors’ rebuttals in a new special issue that is expected to appear in the Fall. Finally, the Early View Section also includes a new book review on underemployment (Reppond). Authors interested in reviewing books for ASAP should contact our Book Reviews Editor, Joel Nadler, at

Over the last eight years, ASAP has established something of a tradition with special issues on the Social Psychology of both the 2004 and 2008 US Presidential Elections. I anticipate, pending approval of the Editorial Board, that this tradition will carry forward for the 2012 Election. Please watch the SPSSI and SPSP listservs for our forthcoming Call for Papers – The Social Psychology of the 2012 US Presidential Election.

ASAP will be ranked for scholarly impact by ISI/Thomson Reuters beginning with the 2012 volume. Until that rating is published, the best available index of quality for the Journal is the SCIMAGO bibliometric database compiled by Elsevier. There, ASAP is ranked well within the top quartile (48/372) in the category Social Science - miscellaneous.  We continue to look forward to publishing your careful scholarship, informed commentary, and thoughtful book reviews.


- Kevin Lanning

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