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SPSSI Biennial Conference 2012

SPSSI strongly opposes the North Carolina ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage. Find out more about this issue, how psychologists are taking a stand, and what you can do, here.

SPSSI’s 9th convention is just weeks away! We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte, North Carolina for this year’s convention on Changing Societies. Registration is now open here:

For further information, contact the conference program co-chairs, David Livert ( and Demis Glasford (

Keynote Addresses Include:

·                     Miles Hewstone, Oxford University

·                     Nilanjana Dasagupta, University of Massachusetts

·                     Jack Glaser, University of California, Berkeley

·                     Stephen Reicher, University of St. Andrews

·                     Linda Tropp, University of Massachusetts 

Talks & Presentations from leading scholars including:

·                     Fran Cherry, Carleton University

·                     Michelle Fine, City University of New York

·                     Geoff Maruyama, University of Minnesota

·                     Allen Omoto, Claremont Graduate University

·                     Abigail Stewart, University of Michigan


Honoring SPSSI

Come mingle with colleagues and friends to help celebrate SPSSI’s 75 years at a special gala reception on Saturday 23 June at the UNCC Downtown Center.

You can also experience and honor the SPSSI tradition by volunteering in the city of Charlotte. Two opportunities are available: a history of Charlotte and tour of immigrant neighborhoods on Thursday afternoon (21 June); and a community service morning on Sunday (24 June).

Becoming an Engaged Scholar Workshop: A Workshop on Public Engagement

To be held on Friday morning (22 June, 8:30am - 9:40am)

This workshop, led by Linda Tropp, is designed to help social scientists consider ways in which they can translate and disseminate their academic work to non-academic settings. Participants will be encouraged to identify social issues in which they might get involved, the kinds of impacts they wish to have, audiences with whom they wish to engage, and strategies through which their work may be used to inform public debates and relevant policy. Participants will explore these and related topics through a combination of presentations, interactive activities, and group discussion. The workshop is especially likely to be useful to those who have limited or no prior experience with public engagement. Up to 24 participants may register for this workshop.


SPSSI Biennial Conference 2012:

Early Career & International Events

International Film Screening & Discussion

Film Screening: One Fine Day

A biographical perspective on the ways in which one small individual action can trigger significant, non-violent collective action. Attendees will view a screening of the film “One Fine Day,” by Dutch documentary director Klaas Bense. The film follows six extraordinary ordinary people from various cultures and religions, including an American athlete, a Chilean student, a Christian Fuhrer, a Chinese youngster, a young Iraqi woman, and a Burmese monk. After the screening, Kovida, one of the six featured individuals in the film will be present for an interactive audience discussion. Kovida is a 28 year old Buddhist monk who helped initiate the popular uprising in Burma at the end of 2007.

Featured Symposium on Collective Action Around the Globe

In addition to the film, Roberto Gonzales and David Livert from the Internationalization Committee have assembled an incredible array of international panelists to discuss theoretical developments and empirical evidence related to social change. Presentations include work on system justification, presented by Dominic Abrams (UK) and colleagues; a social identity-relative deprivation-efficacy model of social change, presented by Peter R. Grant (Canada) and colleagues; injustice and collective action, presented by Colin Leach (USA); and attitudes and emotions in the Arab uprisings and quest for Palestinian statehood, presented by Felicia Pratto (USA) and her widely international team representing Switzerland, Spain, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Italy, Brussels, China, New Zealand, Ireland, Serbia, UK, and Greece.


Early Career Scholar Programming

Policy Workshop

This one-day workshop will focus on mentorship and professional development and feature "mini-panels" on each of the 2012 SPSSI conference three "E" themes: equity, education, and the environment.  Time for discussion with panelists and other mentors will be built into each session.  Lunch with SPSSI Council and a post-workshop happy hour will provide opportunities for further informal mentoring.


Faculty Forum: The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Junior Faculty

As an early scholar, you won’t want to miss this one. Previous SPSSI early career award recipients Adam Fingerhut, Eden King, and Diana Sanchez will participate in a panel talking about the strategies they have developed for balancing teaching, scholarship, service, and a life.


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