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2011 Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring Award Winner (Graduate Institutions)

Marc Pilisuk, Professor Saybrook University Graduate School and Professor Emeritus of The University of California, got his PhD in social and clinical psychology from the University of Michigan. His interest and teaching have spanned the topics of peace and conflict resolution, social justice, poverty, the environment, gaming and decision theory, caring and social support networks in health, community development, the power elite and social change, and voices of displaced people. He was a founder of the first Teach-in on a University campus and of the Psychologists for Social Responsibility, a SPSSI Council member, a Past President of the Society for the Study of Peace Conflict and Violence and the author or editor of 10 books and approximately 150 publications. They include The Healing Web, and Who Benefits from Global Violence and War. Pilisuk recently co-edited a three volume anthology titled Peace Movements Worldwide: History, Psychology, and Practices. In it both experts and participants document the history and growth of the diverse but inspiring movement for peace and social justice examining every facet of human striving for peace, from the global to the personal. Marc’s primary interests lie in the application of the values and knowledge of humanistic psychology and human sciences to the cause of social justice, healthy societies, environmental sustainability and world peace. He works with the goal of empowering people and communities to make transformative changes -- resisting forces toward violence, and affirming interdependence with others and with the natural world. More information about Professor Pilisuk may be found here.



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