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2010 Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring Award Winner (Graduate Institutions)




Dr. Tracie Stewart
, Georgia State University

At her university, Professor Stewart is known for her role as a “master teacher,” and her commitment to her students and teaching. Professor Stewart has near-perfect student evaluations, a research mentorship award, and two publications in Teaching of Psychology, and is the director of the psychology honors program. Students in her mentorship are frequently encouraged to publish, and she has involved many students as co-authors in her papers. In addition to the all of the above, Professor Stewart has also extended her teaching to outside the university, in collaboration with high schools and the community. Her work is exemplary of one of a SPSSI-type scholar. Dr. Stewart's main research interests include stereotyping and prejudice as well as influencing factors on memory for information about members of various social groups. More information about Professor Stewart can be found here.


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