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   Social Issues & Policy Review
 Co-Editors, SIPR

Sam Gaertner and Rupert Brown, SIPR Co-editors, are pleased to announce the Table of Contents of their second issue of Social Issues and Policy Review (Issue #7). The anticipated publication date is January 2013.


Affirmative Meritocracy.

     Gregory M. Walton, Steven J. Spence, & Sam Erman

Subtyping Ageism: Policy Issues in Succession and Consumption.

     Michael S. North & Susan Fiske

Rethinking Homelessness Prevention among Persons with Serious Mental Illness.

     Ann Elizabeth Montgomery, Stephen Metraux, & Dennis Culhane

The Cross-Race Effect and Eyewitness Identification: How to Improve Recognition and Reduce Decision Errors in Eyewitness Situations.

     John Paul Wilson, Kurt Hugenberg, & Michael J. Bernstein

More is Not Always Better: Intuitions About Effective Public Policy Can Lead to Unintended Consequences.

     E. Peters, W. M. P. Klein, A. R. Kaufmann, L. R. Meilleur, & A. Dixon

Culturally Motivated Challenges to Innovations in Integrative Research: Theory and Solutions

     Chi-yue Chiu, Letty Y-Y Kwan, & Shyhnan Liou

Doing Democracy: The Social Psychological Mobilization and Consequences of Collective Action.

     Emma F. Thomas & Winnifred R. Louis

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