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  SPSSI in New York: Spring 2012
  Harold Takooshian, SPSSI-NY Chair

Once again in spring of 2012, many of the 400 members of New York SPSSI (SPSSI-NY) joined some of a dozen fellowship activities, arranged in concert with other groups, and kindly hosted by local institutions. Some scenes appear at

March 2012

Student Publishing Workshop at Fordham University.

On March 19, twenty students participated in a workshop on “Publishing student research: Why & how,” with Joseph C. Giardino, Karen Brobst, and Harold Takooshian.

April 2012

Psychology & Law Forum and Film-Screening. On April 27 at Fordham, fifty people joined a lively law-psychology forum and film screening on “child custody and parental abduction,” featuring attorney Nancy Erickson, and Jennifer Collins, Executive Director of Courageous Kids Network.

May 2012

20th Pace University Psychology Conference. On May 5 at the 20th Pace University Psychology Conference, thirty people heard a symposium on “International exchanges for psychology students and faculty,” with presenters Ivana Petrovic (Belgrade), Maryam Zoma (Lebanese American University), Harold Takooshian (Fordham), Samvel Jeshmaridian (TCI), and Mercedes McCormick (Pace). All were invited to receive a free guide on applying for student Fulbright Fellowships by contacting:

Fall 2012

Looking ahead to fall of 2012, SPSSI-NY plans more activities on diverse topics: workplace bullies, ethnopsychology, history of psychology. The 24th Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research is set for Sunday, October 21, 2012. Members are also preparing for the November 1 deadline for proposals to the 2013 meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association on March 1-4, the first EPA meeting in Manhattan in 32 years.

The SPSSI-NY Planning Committee for Spring 2012 is: Florence Denmark (Pace), Joseph Giardino(Fordham), Uwe Gielen (St Francis), Samvel Jeshmaridian (TCI), Mark Mattson (Fordham), Mercedes McCormick (Pace), Ivana Petrovic (Belgrade), Richard Velayo (Pace), Jason R. Young (Hunter).Please direct any questions or comments to me, the SPSSI-NY Chairperson.




On March 19, Karen Brobst and Joseph Giardino (standing)
offer a workshop for students on "Publishing student research." 

—Harold Takooshian

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