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Equality Advocacy at the Fore
in Charlotte, NC

North Carolina’s harsh ban on gay marriage was a disheartening event for civil rights in the US. But attendees at the Biennial Conference in Charlotte had the opportunity to tell the State why SPSSI stands with the LGBT community. Here’s what took place:

•        SPSSI Executive Committee moved quickly to write a letter to the North Carolina Governor expressing the position of psychological research on the benefits of marriage equality to society and voiced our opposition to prejudice and restrictions on civil freedoms.

•        A special handout for conference attendees highlighted LGBT-themed sessions.

•        Conference attendees wore “MARRIAGE EQUALITY” pins at the Conference and around the city.

•        We distributed colorful flyers throughout the conference that provide top tips on advocacy for marriage equality. Flyers are available for download on the SPSSI website.

•        A panel of local advocates and SPSSI policy staff talked to attendees about the most effective ways to campaign for change at the local, state, and federal levels.

•        The SPSSI letter to the governor was available to read and sign at the Conference registration desk. Nearly 300 individuals signed the letter, among them guests from the Conference hotel whose interests were piqued by the visible stand of psychologists voicing their beliefs.

More information is available on the SPSSI website at:




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