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Some highlight from the SPSSI convention...

1. David Livert & Demis Glasford, Convention Co-Chairafter a long day’s work.
2. President-Elect Dominic Abrams & Dr. Anja Eller share a laugh at the conference.
3. President Allen Omoto and Past-President Maureen O’Connor light up the hotel lobby.
4. L-R: Angela Nguyen, Dr. Regina Langhout, Jesica Siham  Fernandez (past GSC Chair),
    Alex Bowen, and Diana Yip smile for the SPSSI camera.
5. Dr. Stephanie Fryberg and others enjoy the coffee break before hitting the next session.
6. Crosby-Spendlove Travel Grant winner Ayse Burcin Erarslan (p. 25) presents her poster.
7. Drs. Adam Fingerhut, Stephanie Fryberg, & Jack Glaser 
    participate in the Social Science for Sound Social Policy discussion.
8. PhD student Patrick Sweeney presents his poster.

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