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SPSSI Speaker at the National Institute for the Teaching of Psychology

Application deadline: January 15 annually. 

Since 2013, SPSSI has partnered with the publisher Wiley and the National Institute for the Teaching of Psychology (NITOP) to host an annual SPSSI Speaker at the NITOP conference.

Why SPSSI Sponsors This Award: 

  • To partner with Wiley and NITOP to advance best practices in the teaching of psychology
  • To support and promote discussion of social issues in teaching and learning among NITOP participants
  • To provide NITOP attendees with access to social issues teaching resources (i.e., pedagogical advancements, innovative classroom activities, student assignments/projects, SPSSI teaching resources)
  • To introduce teachers of psychology to SPSSI as a professional organization that values teaching excellence for the advancement of student learning

Award Benefits: 

The 2022 awardee will travel to NITOP 2023. The awardee will be funded with up to $1500 in travel reimbursement including waived conference registration, and SPSSI will cover NITOP audio/video charges associated with presenting. The awardee might also be invited to present during a SPSSI Conference session sponsored by the Teaching and Mentoring Committee.

Speaker Expectations at NITOP:

  • Attend NITOP and present both Annual SPSSI Speaker sessions (50 minutes each; repeats same presentation) within the program
  • Actively market SPSSI as an organization that values social issues teaching and learning
  • Present SPSSI teaching resources as part of both speaker sessions (i.e., SPSSI Timeline, using journals for teaching, SPSSI website teaching resources). Slides available from SPSSI to incorporate into presentation
  • Invite session attendees to SPSSI membership and provide membership flyers (provided by SPSSI) in both speaker sessions
  • Invite session attendees to apply for SPSSI's Innovative Teaching Award and the Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring Award and provide flyers (provided by SPSSI) at both speaker sessions

Submission Instructions:

Apply online now! Online submissions are the preferred method. Please limit the number and size of files uploaded when applying online. Applications are due January 15 annually. 

Applicants must be current SPSSI members at the time of application. 

Your application should include (1) a curriculum vitae and (2) a formal proposal addressing items 1-5 below:

1) Full and final title and abstract describing your proposed presentation. The abstract may be up to 400 words. In order to maximize session attendance, please construct titles and abstracts for consumption and clear understanding by the broader NITOP audience of psychology faculty. NITOP attendees (ranging from high school to graduate faculty) are interested in pedagogical connections to clear learning goals and especially practical teaching strategies, but may not be familiar with all SPSSI-focused language and concepts. 

2) A brief description of how you will carry out the SPSSI goals for this award as described above if you are selected as the NITOP speaker.

3) Evidence of teaching approach and effectiveness. This may include evidence such as your teaching philosophy, student evaluations, and up to 3 letters of recommendation from colleagues that can speak to your teaching expertise.

4) OPTIONAL: SPSSI strongly encourages members of under-represented groups to apply. If you would like to indicate this information on your application, please do so. However, this is not required. 

5) Your contact information: full name, institutional affiliation, position title, address, email, phone.

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