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SPSSI 2012 Summer Conference







Changing Societies 

Our gathering included a broad diversity of psychologists, sociologists, public health researchers, policy makers and social activists who share a common goal of generating knowledge to understand and to redress social problems.  In light of remarkable societal changes – environmental disasters, migration, economic upheaval, and social movements and revolutions -- what can we learn?  How can we contribute?

Using multidisciplinary approaches spanning psychology, education, health, sociology, policy studies, law, economics, and political psychology, the 2012 SPSSI conference explored a plethora of policy relevant phenomena on individual and group behavior, such as prejudice, romantic relationships, social cognition, volunteerism, social justice, and a host of other topics. In addition, we offered a multitude of research-based presentations focused on the application of science to the development of sound public policy.

The core of the program included addresses by invited speakers, symposia on a range of selected topics, facilitated discussions, research sessions, and poster presentations. In addition, the conference featured a full-day pre-conference workshop, special mentoring sessions, special receptions for graduate students and international attendees, and opportunities for conference participants to volunteer with a community-based organization in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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 Conference Program Co-Chairs: David Livert Demis Glasford


SPSSI strongly opposes the North Carolina constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Find out more about this issue, how psychologists are taking a stand, and what you can do, here.

Special confrence program on NC marriage equality and LGBT issues. Click here.