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   SPSSI Graduate Student Committee (GSC) Report
   By Kala J. Melchiori, GSC Chair

Announcing SPSSI's Graduate Student Professional Development Conference Saturday, June 29th, 12-6:00pm in Washington, DC.

Events to include:
  • Speed mentoring lunch
  • Getting the most of your SPSSI membership
  • Evaluation work
  • Building community research partnerships
$15 registration! Applications will be available soon!

Greetings SPSSI members! I am honored to serve such an engaged, social-justice oriented community as the 2013 Graduate Student Committee (GSC) Chair.

In 2005 the GSC was granted voting rights as a member of SPSSI’s council, thereby playing a greater role in representing graduate students in SPSSI governance. As Chair, I have organized graduate student social events at SPSSI’s 2012 conference, voiced graduate student concerns at SPSSI’s bi-annual Council meetings, and helped organize mentoring opportunities for graduate students at the 2013 APA convention. I am also working with SPSSI to develop opportunities for graduate students outside of conferences.

In order to better communicate our work on behalf of graduate students and connect directly with our constituents, the GSC has a new Facebook page. Check out “SPSSI Graduate Students” and if you are a Facebook member, click “Like”.

We recently elected new committee members to serve on the GSC for the 2012-2013 term. Please meet our new GSC members:

Manisha Gupta (Chair-Elect) is currently a fourth year Ph.D. student and a NSF graduate fellow in the Peace and Violence concentration in the Social Psychology program at UMass Amherst. Manisha’s research interests include coalition building between ethnic minority groups, cross-cultural exchange, and reconciliation efforts between indigenous and nonindigenous populations. 

Amir Francois (Member-at-Large) is a third year graduate student at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Science and Educational Psychology. Amir is interested in social-cognitive development and race relations in educational settings, including youth intercultural competence, environmental influences on intergroup relations, and teacher and peer attitudes effects on social development.

Margaret Lisuzzo (Member-at-Large) is currently a third year Criminology Ph.D. student at the University of Florida. Maggie is interested in research on the contributors to wrongful conviction, specifically eyewitnesses, law enforcement decision-making, and juror’s perceptions of evidence.

Justine E. Calcagno (Member-at-Large) is a fourth year Ph.D. student at City University of New York. She received a BS in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Oregon. She researches issues involving social change, intergroup relations, and social identity. Justine also works at CUNY’s Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies, where she writes reports on Latinos’ shifting cultural demography in NYC.

Stephanie Brooks Holliday (Member-at-Large) is a graduate student at Drexel University studying clinical psychology with a forensic concentration.  Her research interests include forensic mental health assessment, risk assessment, risk reduction interventions, and offender perceptions of their own risk factors. Stephanie’s clinical internship is at the Washington, DC, VA Medical Center.

Sarah Bailey (Newsletter and Website Editor) is a third year Masters student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Sarah’s research interests include bias in selection decision-making, gender stereotype differences, and leadership.

For more information about SPSSI GSC, please check out Winter 2012 edition of our newsletter, The Rookie.  If you would like to contact Kala or the other members of the GSC, please send us a message on the SPSSI Graduate Students Facebook page.

We look forward to a great year!



—Kala J. Melchiori

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