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   Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy 

     Kevin Lanning, Editor

A paper by Sibley, Houkamau, and Hoverd (2011) on the implications of the names (e.g., Pàkehà?, Kiwi) used to describe New Zealanders of European history received extensive press coverage in New Zealand during their recent Waitangi (national holiday) celebrations.

The 2012 volume was the largest ever by a significant margin, including 437 pages.

For the 2013 volume I have been inviting authors to submit video abstracts.  Links to at least three of these are now be available on the Wiley/ASAP website:

· Meagan Patterson, University of Kansas, "Witnesses to history: Children's views of race and the 2008 Presidential Election."

· Matthew Diemer, Michigan State University, "Best practices in conceptualizing & measuring social class in psychological research." This paper has also been made freely available at the Wiley website.

· Carol Kulik, University of South Australia,  "I feel your pain: The moderating effect of care recipient health on the relationship between work hours and care recipient and caregiver psychological outcomes."

And more. We have recently begun inviting commentary for the Diemer / social class paper described above; the topic is one that is or should be of interest to many SPSSI members, and your contribution is encouraged.


—Kevin Lanning

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