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2014 SPSSI Speaker at the National Institute for Teaching of Psychology (NITOP)

  Dr. Franco-Zamudio earned her BA from The Ohio State University and her doctorate from the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC). She is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Spring Hill College, a Jesuit College in Mobile, Alabama. Her primary areas of interest and research are in social justice, intergroup relations, and identity. Her current research focuses two related areas: intersections of identity, specifically subjective experiences of oppression or discrimination based on race/ethnicity, gender, social class, and sexual orientation and perceptions of person-environment fit and responses to perceptions of lack of fit in academia and organizations. More specifically, her research with the Assessing Science Inquiry and Leadership Skills team at UCSC examines the intersections of role-based identities (e.g., scientist) and social identities (e.g., gender, ethnicity) on perceptions of fit within academia and other institutions.  Dr. Franco-Zamudio teaches Psychology of Gender, Social Psychology of Social Justice, Personality Theories, General Psychology, Research Experience, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Social Psychology. She also has served on the Board of Directors of local nonprofit organizations serving LGBT youth, survivors of domestic violence, and inner city youth. She has received awards for her teaching and service at Spring Hill College. Dr. Franco-Zamudio is a first-generation college student and former Ford Minority Pre-doctoral Fellow. She has been a member of SPSSI since her first year in graduate school and served as the Chair of the Graduate Student Committee of SPSSI. She is currently a member of the SPSSI Diversity Committee.