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  Editor's Note
  By Janice R. Adelman, Forward Editor


Welcome to another issue of the Forward. By the time this goes to print, spring should be bounding in. The academic year will soon be wrapping up, and we will all be wondering where we're going and what we're doing this summer—may I suggest SPSSI’s summer policy workshop, the grad student 1/2-day conference, or enjoying SPSSI programming at APA? The SPSSI Communications Committee wants to be sure that you have access to SPSSI news and updates, and that you actually want to read them. Tell us—are we hitting all the right spots? Do you get SPSSI updates in your Facebook newsfeed? Do you follow SPSSI on Twitter? What information do you want to see more or less of in the Forward and elsewhere? Send me an email and tell me!

As always, there are many social issues that continue to fill our time as psychologists, scholars, and researchers. For instance, the Boston marathon bombings and aftermath, the United States Supreme Court case on gay marriage; the election of the first Pope to hail from Latin America; economic meltdowns around the world; and more. For SPSSI, these issues around intergroup conflict and prejudice, equality, diversity, and stability compel us to continue disseminating our research with the goal of empowering those around us with sound science. SPSSI members are an exceptional bunch, and it is a pleasure to highlight folks like Sabina Cehajic-Clancy, SPSSI’s 2008 dissertation awardee, Corann Okorodudu, SPSSI’s NGO representative to the UN, Jack Glaser, keynote speaker at last year’s biennial convention, and Shantal Marshall, SPSSI’s 2012 Innovative Instruction Awardee.

Those who support SPSSI behind the scenes are equally exceptional. This issue provides the chance to learn about how SPSSI runs as a society (see Blair Johnson’s column; entries by Gabe Twose and Katya Migacheva and Wendy Williams and Allen Omoto’s Council of Representatives column. Furthermore, where would we be without our incredible members around the world (see the accolades section)? As time marches on, however, it is with sadness and respect that we remember those ardent and valued SPSSI supporters who have passed away. In this issue, we pay tribute to three members and the contributions they made not only to SPSSI, but to the world around us. With heartfelt thanks to Tora K. Bikson, Beatrice Rasof, and Raymond R. Shrader for all they were able to accomplish in their lifetimes.

—Janice R. Adelman


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