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SPSSI and Social Psychology in the News

The Unspoken Stigma of Workplace Flexibility
The Journal of Social Issues' flexibility stigma issue is featured in the NY Times.

Women Reject Sexually Promiscuous Peers When Making Female Friends
SPSSI's Zhana Vrangalova investigates college students' reactions to promiscuity (Science Daily).

Obama Calls for End to Mental Illness Stigma
Obama combats stigma against mental illness (Seattle Pi).

Tact, Tone and Timing: The Power of Apology
SPSSI's Jennifer Robbennolt speaks to NPR about the importance of apologies in legal settings.

'Fat Talk' Compels but Carries a Cost
NY Times cites SPSSI member Alexandria Corning on "fat talk."

White or Black? Conservatives, Liberals See Faces Differently
SPSSI's Amy Krosch on how conservatives and liberals perceive race (Pacific Standard). 

Panel Says Better Data Is Needed on Gun Issues
Institute of Medicine panel, including SPSSI's Susan Sorenson, urges more research on gun violence (New York Times).

Tick for Same-Sex Families
Preliminary data from new research shows children with same-sex parents are as healthy as those with opposite sex parents (The Victoria Age).

Racist? Virtual Reality Could Fix That
Technology enables novel approach to combating racist attitudes (Pacific Standard).

50 Years After the Equal Pay Act, Gender Wage Gap Endures
NPR cites SPSSI's Joan Williams on the gender wage gap. 

Can't We All Just Get Along? What Psychology Tells Us About Political Gridlock
SPSSI's Diane Halpern on partisanship and political gridlock (Live Science).


On the Hill: News from the U.S. Congress

June 3, 2013: H.R. 2227, To improve the response to and prevention of sexual assaults involving members of the Armed Forces.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here.

June 4, 2013: S. 1095, To amend the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in order to limit the penalties to a State that does not meet its maintenance of effort level of funding to a one-time penalty.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here.

June 4, 2013: S. 1088, To end discrimination based on actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity in public schools, and for other purposes.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here.

June 4, 2013: S. 1092, To amend title 10, United States Code, to require an Inspector General investigation of allegations of retaliatory personnel actions taken in response to making protected communications regarding sexual assault.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here

June 7, 2013: S. 1118, To amend part E of title IV of the Social Security Act to better enable State child welfare agencies to prevent sex trafficking of children and serve the needs of children who are victims of sex trafficking, and for other purposes.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here.

June 7, 2013: S. 1119, To amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for integration of mental health services and mental health treatment outreach teams, and for other purposes.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here.

June 11, 2013: S. 744, To provide for comprehensive immigration reform and for other purposes.  This bill was added to the Senate’s floor schedule for the next legislative day on Jun 12, 2013.  Read more here

June 12, 2013: H.R., 1997, To amend title 18, United States Code, to protect pain-capable unborn children in the District of Columbia, and for other purposes.  Reported by Committee.  Read more here.

June 13, 2013: S. 1159, To amend the Equal Credit Opportunity Act to prohibit discrimination on account of sexual orientation or gender identity when extending credit.  Referred to committee.  Read more here

June 13, 2013: H.R. 2352, To require all newly constructed, federally assisted, single-family houses and town houses to meet minimum standards of visitability for persons with disabilities.  Referred to committee.  Read more here.

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