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SPSSI and Social Psychology in the News

How Poverty Taxes the Brain.  What are the cognitive effects of poverty?  (The Atlantic).

Public Policies, Made to Fit People.  How can social and behavioral science inform public policy?  (New York Times).

The Battle Over Global Warming Is All In Your Head. Researchers, including SPSSI's Renee Lertzman, investigate why we are so reluctant to acknowledge climate change (Time).

Taking A Closer Look at Milgram's Shocking Obedience Study.  NPR revisits the Milgram experiments.

Good Deeds Gone Bad.  Do moral actions encourage or discourage further prosocial behavior?  (New York Times).

To Reduce Prejudice, Try Sharing Passions and Cultures.  NPR cites SPSSI's Tiffany Brannon on prejudice reduction.

Does Media Violence Lead to the Real Thing?  NY Times cites SPSSI's Craig Anderson & Brad Bushman on the effects of media violence. 

Why Do We Feel Schadenfreude?  Researchers - including SPSSI's Mina Sikara & Susan Fiske - investigate schadenfreude (CNN).

Psychologist Say "Group Narcissicm" Linked to Negative Attitudes Toward Immigrants.  SPSSI's Patricia Lyons & Jared Kenworthy investigate group narcissism and immigration attitudes (Science Daily).


On the Hill: News from the U.S. Congress

Congress has been in recess so has not introduced or advanced legislation.


Further Resources

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