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"2014 OBEDIENCE TO AUTHORITY CONFERENCE" - December 9-11, 2014 [English Flier] 

International Forum on "Psychology in Russia: New Trends" - March 19, 2014 [English Flier]

Forum on "Law and psychology: Why the debate?" - November 22, 2013 [English Flier]

Forum on "Ethics of Research: 50 years later" - November 21, 2013 [English Flier]

United Nations "World Habitat Day" - October 7, 2013 [Bilingual Flier]

City-wide symposium on Social Psychology of the City - September 26, 2013 [English] [Russian] [web link

SPSSI activities in Moscow

In 2010, the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPRAS) hosted a national conference to mark 125 years of the founding of psychological science in Russia in 1885. This was seven years before 1992, when 26 North Americans met at Clark University to form the American Psychological Association (APA). IPRAS is a leader of psychological science in Russia,   

Following the 75th anniversary of SPSSI in 2011, SPSSI now has an interdisciplinary cadre of members in Moscow, who are leaders in their specialties.  Moscow is a city blessed with over 40 major universities and behavioral science programs. One of these members is Professor Alexander Voronov, a noted Russian social psychologist and conference organizer. In fall of 2013, Dr. Voronov is coordinating a team of local scientists to arrange a few SPSSI forums, to bring together behavioral scientists and students across Moscow's many schools. Participants can learn how SPSSI has applied behavioral science to timely global as well as local issues, and can choose to become more involved to join SPSSI. Depending on local interest, this team may seek to form a local SPSSI group like the one in New York.  Dr. Voronov's team includes U.S. Fulbright Scholar Harold Takooshian, who co-founded the New York SPSSI regional group in 1984,

Two initial Moscow SPSSI activities are: (a) On September 26 at IPRAS, a ten-speaker forum on "social psychology of city life," and (b) on October 7 at IPRAS, a forum with United Nations Habitat on "World Habitat Day: Changing cities, building opportunities."  Thanks to SPSSI webmaster Brad Sickels, details on Moscow SPSSI activities are posted at



On April 20, 2015, 47 faculty and students from several schools participated in the first Moscow workshop on "Improving Psychology Teaching Techniques," co-chaired by Alexander Voronov and Irina Novikova at the Higher School of Economics. This was hosted by SPSSI-Moscow, with funds from the Association for Psychological Science.


The Kitty Genovese Memorial Conference on March 8-9 in NYC heard 24 speakers, including 4 psychologists: Bibb Latane (NC), Scott Plous (CT), Harold Takooshian (NY), Philip G. Zimbardo (CA)

On November 22 at Higher School of Economics, Harold Takooshian addressed 50 students of law or psychology on "Law and psychological science: Why the debate?" 


Dima, Galina, Peter, Aram,

Welcome as the newest members of the APA Social Issues Division. Alex and I thank you, and already look forward to a lively discussion on November 21. 



On October 27, SPSSI and Psi Chi cosponsored The First Moscow Behavioral Research Conference, with 22 student research presenters from five schools. The conferees Skyped for one hour with the simultaneous New York SPSSI conference, and Conference Chair Irina Novikova of People's Friendship University presented certificates to all student presenters. Images appear at


On October 7, SPSSI and the Russian Academy of Science partnered with the United Nations office in Moscow to host Russia's celebration of U.N. World Habitat Day, in three parts: (1) After welcomes by Directors Anatoly Zhuravlev (IPRAS), Galina Kolesnikova (United Nations-Moscow), Alex Voronov (SPSSI), and a video message by U.N. Habitat Director Dr. Joan Clos, (2) Harold Takooshian gave a keynote address on "Can psychological science overcome urban problems?"  (3) followed by diverse commentaries by 8 distinguished Academy scientists: Valentin Spivakovsky, Tatiana Emelyanova, Andrei V. Jurevich, Valery Khashchenko, Alexander Lebedev, Vladimir P. Poznyakov, Vyacheslav Sosnin, Alexander Sukharev. Some speakers learnt of SPSSI for the first time and joined the Society. More images of WHD appear at


On September 26, 40 psychologists and students convened in the conference room of the Institute for Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IP RAS) at 13 Yaroslava St., for a public forum on "Social psychology of city life." This forum was personally welcomed by IP RAS Director Anatoly Zhuravlev, and organized by Dr. Alexander Voronov.  The forum was addressed by 10 scientists from four cities (Moscow, Samara, Nizhny-Novgorod, New York), each presenting their research on urban cognition and behavior.  This was an historic first meeting cosponsored by IP RAS and SPSSI--the international Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.  Dr. Voronov hopes to publish edited summaries of these messages in the INTERNATONAL PSYCHOLOGIST.


On Sept 26 at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Anatoly Zhuravlev, Director of the RAInstitute of Psychology, personally welcomed participants to the first IPRAS- SPSSI forum on"The Social Psychology of City Life."  Along with forum Chairperson Alex Voronov (seated), he stressed the importance of having scientific psychologists study the impact of the city on human behavior.


On Sept 17 at Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Professor Alexander Voronov shares with students about applying psychological science to timely social issues. 











Alex and I thank you, and already look forward to a lively discussion on November 21













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