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SPSSI and Social Psychology in the News

PG-13 Movies Match R Rating For Violence, Study Says. Can increased gun violence in PG-13 films influence children through the weapons effect? (Huffington Post).   

Could Hunger Make Us More Charitable? NPR reports on the link between hunger and prosocial attitudes & behavior.  

In The Wake Of A Natural Disaster, Donation Decisions Aren’t Clear-cutHow should we allocate humanitarian aid? (Ars Technica). 

Why They're The RedskinsHow does psychology contribute to the "Redskins" debate? (Pacific Standard). 

Genetic Evidence Suggests Chronic Unemployment Shortens LivesNew study indicates harmful effects of long-term unemployment (Pacific Standard). 

Liberals Aren't Like the Rest, or So They ThinkIs there a difference in perceived consensus within liberal and conservative social movements? (Science Daily).  

ADHD Linked to Social, Economic Disadvantage. More children with ADHD come from families below the poverty line than the UK population as a whole (Science Daily).  

Bad Behavior Gets "Paid Forward" Even More Than Good.  SPSSI's Michael Norton on what type of actions are "paid forward" (Scientific American).


On the Hill: News from the U.S. Congress

Nov 19, 2013: S. 1581, To authorize the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to provide counseling and treatment for sexual trauma to members of the Armed Forces, to require the Secretary to screen veterans for domestic abuse, to require the Secretary to submit reports on military sexual trauma and domestic abuse, and for other purposes.  The committees assigned to this bill sent it to the House or Senate as a whole for consideration.  Read more here. 

Nov 19, 2013: S. 1733, To stop exploitation through trafficking.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here. 

Nov  19, 2013: S. 1738, To provide justice for the victims of trafficking.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here.

Nov 19, 2013: H.R. 3536, To amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to support teacher and school professional training on awareness of student mental health conditions and suicide prevention efforts.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here.

Nov 20, 2013: H.R. 3560, To mandate the basic educational, regulatory, and management actions necessary for the prevention of racial profiling practices by law enforcement.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here.

Nov 20, 2013: H.R. 3569, To amend title 38, United States Code, to add a definition of spouse for purposes of veteran benefits that recognizes new State definitions of spouse.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here.

Nov 21, 2013: H.R. 3571, To prevent international violence against women, and for other purposes.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here. 

Nov 21, 2013: H.R. 3601, To provide for parental notification and intervention in the case of an unemancipated minor seeking an abortion.  Referred to Committee.  Read more here.


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