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SPSSI-SASP Small Group Conference Series


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Past Small Group Conferences

2023-4 SPSSI-SASP Call for Proposals - Proposals Due February 28, 2023

2020 (Denver, Colorado, U.S.)

2019 (Newcastle, Australia): Advances in Intergroup Contact Research: Showcasing, Consolidating, Deconstructing and Innovating the Science of Social Integration - This event offered 70+ senior and junior researchers a forum to discuss data from a variety of research laboratories, methods, and societal settings.

SPSSI/SASP Small Group Meeting, University of Pennsylvania, May 18 - 20, 2018

2017 (Melbourne, Australia)

2016 (Ottawa, Canada): Immigration to Major Immigrant-Receiving Countries: Immigrant and Host Perspectives - In many major immigrant-receiving countries in the world, the issue of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and their integration into host societies, is higher than ever on the political agenda. While much is known about both immigrants’ and host societies’ perspectives, we are confronted with new challenges in the 21st century as a result of the refugee crisis in the Middle East, the Global Financial Crisis, new political rhetoric surrounding immigration, and security concerns surrounding immigration, as well as changing immigration policies and practices. This small group conference addressed such issues.

2015 (Brisbane, Australia): Collective Harm-Doing - It is well-documented that harm-doing is painful for the victims, in work ranging from minority stress (e.g., Meyer, 1995) to genocide (e.g., Staub, 2003). This small group conference brought a new focus on perpetrators, including the association between their harm-doing and their well-being, and the processes through which people engage and disengage from harm-doing. We sought to include research on perpetrators of harm-doing at all levels, including both intergroup (e.g., racists, hate criminals, soldiers, extremist groups, gang violence) and interpersonal harm-doing (domestic violence, feuding). The conference included qualitative and quantitative research, including case study, survey, experimental, and longitudinal studies.