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2015 SPSSI Speaker at the National Institute for Teaching of Psychology (NITOP)




Alicia Nordstrom is a Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Misericordia University. Her research focuses on classroom interventions to reduce stereotypes and prejudice in college students as well as mental health in students during their adjustment to undergraduate and graduate programs.  Her pedagogical assignment, The Voices Project, has won several awards for its efficacy in reducing racism in first-year college students including the SPSSI Innovative Teaching Award (2012) and the Social Psychology Network Action Teaching Award (2011).  The Voices Project: Disability was aired on PBS and won the Electric City/Diamond City Best Theater Production of 2012.  Her scholarship can be seen in Teaching of Psychology, Journal of College Counseling, and Journal of College Student Development.  


For more information about The Voices Project and to access the video, go to