The Society for the
Study of Social Issues


2014 Innovative Teaching Award
Honorable Mention




Dr. Dusty Johnstone
 received her B.A. from Mount Allison University and her M.A. and PhD from the University of Windsor. At the time of this award she was a Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow at the University of Windsor. She is currently a Learning Specialist in Women’s Studies and the Campus Sexual Assault Educator and Coordinator the University of Windsor. 
Dusty oversees the administration of the Bystander Initiative to Mitigate Sexual Violence at the University of Windsor. She teaches Intervening to Prevent Sexual Assault: Practical Strategies for Social Change and Practicum in Social Change, which are senior courses designed to prepare students to become sexual violence prevention peer facilitators. In conjunction, she supervises the delivery of sexual violence prevention workshops to hundreds of students each year. Her research background is in sexual violence, specifically the qualitative experiences of women who are unacknowledged rape victims. Her more recent work examines the impact of peer educating on citizenship; specifically, the degree to which participating in a social justice initiative as a peer educator can influence the development of empathy, pro-social moral reasoning and pro-social behaviour.

Research that produces nothing but books will not suffice.
                                                                                                                    - Kurt Lewin