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Social Issues from Student Perspectives is the graduate student section of SPSSI’s newsletter, The Forward. Writing a piece for Social Issues from Student Perspectives provides an opportunity for graduate students to disseminate their work to the larger SPSSI community and to gain experience with the publication process. We encourage submissions from all subfields of psychology and closely related fields.

Submissions may take many forms, including, but not limited to: emerging research by graduate students, tips for surviving graduate school (e.g., writing, time management, applying for academic or non-academic jobs), describing policy implications of research, and commentary on current events/social issues that incorporates the student’s research and/or psychological theory in general.

Interested in submitting? Click here for submission guidelines.

Our past student newsletters are available on the web! Please click on a newsletter below for easy access. Please bear in mind that emails, addresses, and links may have changed since publication. Social Issues from Student Perspectives (then called The Rookie) was previously a stand-alone publication and is now part of The Forward.

Social Issues from Student Perspectives (within The Forward

The Rookie Newsletter (stand-alone publication)


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