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Graduate Student Conference Fee Waiver Program


The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) Graduate Student Committee is pleased to announce the 2021 Graduate Student Conference Fee Waiver Program. Up to 10 waivers will be awarded to graduate students for the 2021 SPSSI Virtual Conference. 

Eligibility Requirements:

To apply for the Conference Fee Waiver Programs you must apply, in one step, for all SPSSI 2021 Conference Fee Waiver Programs for which you are eligible with the following form:

2021 SPSSI Conference Fee Waiver Form


  • Only submit this form once to apply for all waivers for which you are eligible.
  • You will be emailed a copy of your responses, which are also editable.
  • The Google Chrome browser is highly recommended.  
  • If needed, use the back button within the survey at the bottom of the survey page toward the left and your work will be retained.
  • Beware! Using the browser back button will start the form over and your work will be erased.

Deadline: June 15, 2021

Decision Process and Notification: Applications will be blind reviewed by a team of peer reviewers led by the 2021 Graduate Student Committee. Decisions will be based on the excellence of the submitted conference abstract and a compelling case for the professional benefits of participating. Priority will be given to first or sole authors. Winners will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible.

Award winners must accept or decline their award within one week of notification.  After this time, the funds will be offered to another student.

Questions about conference fee waiver programs?  Contact SPSSI's Administrative Manager, Justin Belsley.