The Society for the
Study of Social Issues


Graduate Student Committee (GSC) Officer Positions

Requirements of All GSC Officers:

Attend bi-monthly conference calls. Those who are unable to make a meeting are responsible for reading meeting minutes and sending an update of their SPSSI activities to all GSC Officers

Fulfill tasks outlined in individual officer description and implement a small project over the year that contributes to the aims of the officer position they hold

Assist with preparation and/or implementation of GSC events

Regularly contribute to SPSSI GSC social media page

* Officers who fail to fulfill their duties may be removed from their position. Vacated positions will be filled by appointment.

As Chair, you are responsible for day-to-day and long-term issues including the direction of the Graduate Student Committee, new initiatives, and overseeing committee activities at the bi-annual SPSSI conference or (in alternate years) the APA convention. The Chair attends SPSSI Council Meetings and reports on the functioning of the Committee to the Council. The Chair acts as a liaison between the GSC and SPSSI Council and has the opportunity to work closely with Council Members.

Chair-Elect (Two-year term):
The Chair-Elect serves for one year as a committee member helping the Chair to carry out the activities for the year. This year of guidance helps to prepare the Chair-Elect for her or his following year as Chair of the committee. They attend SPSSI Council Meetings, but do not vote on council.

Member-at-Large Positions (one-year terms):
In order to more effectively meet the needs of our graduate student body and maximize the role each member at large plays in the committee, the GSC has re-defined the roles of its member at large positions. Each student can only officially run for one position; however, we encourage you to indicate in your application if you are willing to fill any alternate member at large positions if your top choice is not available; doing so will increase your chances of being elected.

Member-at-large Communications Focus:
Prepare GSC section of Forward. Oversees Facebook page and works with the Communications Direction to help improve and maintain the GSC's online presence.

Member-at-large Academic Focus:
Supports students looking for opportunities and training within academia.

Member-at-large Policy and Applied Work Focus:
Supporting students looking for internships, job opportunities, and training outside of academia.

Member-at-large Membership Coordinator:
Help to build networks for students to network, share resources, and develop collaborations with one another more easily.  Encourage regional involvement in SPSSI, both domestically and internationally.

Member-at-large Diversity Focus:
Ensure that the GSC is considering diversity, broadly speaking, in the creation and promotion of its programming and resources.

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