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Name, Credentials: 
Joseph Hamm, Ph.D., MLS

Job Title:  Assistant Professor

Company / Organization:  Michigan State University

Department:  Criminal Justice and Environmental Science

City, State:  East Lansing, MI




BA- Psychology, University of Northern Colorado

MLS, University of Nebraska-College Of Law

PH.D.- Law/Psych, MA- Psychology, Secondary Spec.- Quant Methods, Univ Of Nebraska-Lincoln

How long have you worked for your current company or organization?  1 year

What are your primary duties in this position?  75% research, 15% teaching, 10% service

What do you enjoy about your work? What are the perks and drawbacks?  The autonomy to set my schedule and research agenda

Career path: how did you land this position? What do you see in your future career plans?  I spent most of graduate school pursuing the research I wanted to do so I wasn't necessarily shooting for this position but I was shooting to be somewhere that would appreciate and support my program of research and that is very much where I am now.   

What career advice would you like to share with graduate students seeking careers in your field?  I know everyone says this, but fit really is everything so you can either stress out making yourself fit into a position that may or may not be there when you graduate or be the researcher you want to be and then shop for the fit. Either way, THE position you need might not be there when you look for it so you might as well be the researcher you want to be and wait for the fit.

Ways I am involved with SPSSI:  Attend conferences / workshops

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