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SPSSI Member Career Advice:  Careers Outside (And a Few Inside) Academia

The following SPSSI members have graciously agreed to share their own career background and advice to help graduate students and early career professionals as we conceptualize our own career pathways.  Please take a look!

1.       Meghan Bean, Ph.D.,Research Into Action

2.       Joseph Hamm, Ph.D.,MLS, Michigan State University

3.       Alan Tomkins, Ph.D., Public Policy Center, University of Nebraska

4.       Valerie Adams-Bass, Ph.D., V.N. Adams & Associates

5.       Martin Y. Iguchi, Ph.D., RAND Corporation

6.       Tom Granatir, MA, American Board of Medical Specialties

7.       Miriam Vega, Ph.D., AIDS Project of the East Bay

8.       Shirley Truong, Ph.D.,  Institutional Research, Assessment, and Policy Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

9.       Jeryl L. Mumpower, Ph.D., U.S. National Science Foundation

10.   Jennifer A. Veitch, Ph.D.,National Research Council of Canada

11.   James Swinehart, Ph.D., Public Communication Resources (Retired)

12.   David W Lewit, Ph.D., Alliance for Democracy

13.   Jill S. Budden, Ph.D., National Council of State Boards of Nursing


This material was compiled by Laura Bogardus