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2016 SPSSI Speaker at the National Institute for Teaching of Psychology (NITOP)

 Debra Mashek is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Harvey Mudd College and directs the Claremont College’s 5C Collaborations Projects.  Mashek’s research applies close relationship theory to understand individuals’ connections with their communities, including (1) college students’ connection with their campuses and the role that relationship may play prospectively in academic success and well-being; and (2) jail inmates connection to the criminal community and to the community at large the role those relationships may play prospectively in desisting from crime and making positive changes in one’s life.  Her work also seeks to understand inter-institutional collaboration through the lenses offered by close relationship theories.  Mashek’s courses in introductory psychology, social psychology, applied social psychological research methods, and psychology of close relationships invite students to translate theory into action, a theme central to her NITOP presentation.