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A Cardiff University & SPSSI-UK Conference on “The Current Migration Crisis in Europe"


  • Batja Mesquita, KU Leuven University
    Emotional acculturation: Emotion as key processes of minority belonging

  • Cecilia Cordeu, University of Sussex
    Children’s and parents’ acculturation discrepancies: their longitudinal relationship with the psychological well-being of immigrant children.

  • Sam Parker, Cardiff University
    Sian Sanders, Policy Officer, Welsh Refugee Council
    Inclusion with whom? : The construction of other migrants as problematic in the integration discourses of forced migrants in Wales

  • Rupert Brown, University of Sussex
    Acculturation, well-being, and intergroup relations among resettled refugees in the UK

  • Adam Rutland, Goldsmiths, University of London
    Acculturation, school context and psychological adjustment amongst British children from an immigrant background

  • Toon Kuppens, Cardiff University
    Does education protect against prejudice toward immigrants?

  • Kristof Dhont, University of Kent
    Harmony and hostility in intergroup relations: Does contact reduce prejudice in negative intergroup contexts?

  • Michael Muthukrishna, London School of Economics
    The Paradox of Diversity, Migration, and Cultural Evolution in Europe

  • Janelle M. Jones Queen, Mary University of London
    Engagement, health, and well-being in ethnically diverse societies: Immigrant and host perspectives

  • Steve Reicher, University of St. Andrews
    Which side are we on? The use and abuse of psychology in 'the migration?crisis'

  • Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, University of Sussex
    The road ahead? The ‘refugee crisis’ and engaged social psychology

  • Simon Goodman, Coventry University
    The evolving (re)categorisations of refugees throughout the ‘Refugee/Migrant crisis’

  • Marina Morani, Cardiff University
    Press Constructions of ‘Migration Crisis’ in the UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Germany, 2014-5

  • Alastair Nightingale, University of Limerick
    “It’s just heart breaking”: Political solidarity and sympathetic helping discourse within the “refugee crisis” debate.





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