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Summer Conference Fee Waiver Programs are now closed.

In Honor of SPSSI's 85th Anniversary

SPSSI leaders have expanded conference waiver programs in honor of the organization's 85th Anniversary this year, in an effort to give members greater access to programming.  We have nearly doubled the number of recipients that will be granted waivers to attend the 2021 conference free of charge!  Please share the below opportunities widely, and encourage those interested in financial relief to apply today. Exclusions: Applicants are able to submit to more than one program.  However, no more than one type of waiver will be awarded to an individual.

The application deadline for all virtual conference waivers was June 15, 2021.

International Conference Fee Waiver Program
Awarded to conference attendees residing outside of North America.

Diversity Graduate Student Conference Fee Waiver Program
Awarded to underrepresented graduate students. 

Crosby-Spendlove Conference Fee Waiver Program
Given to one student presenting research from a feminist and social justice perspective.

Undergraduate Student Conference Fee Waiver Program 
Available to undergraduate student attendees.  Preference may be given to underrepresented students.

Graduate Student Conference Fee Waiver Program
Awarded to graduate students accepted to the SPSSI program.  Applicants pending acceptance are welcome to apply.

Early Career Scholars Conference Fee Waiver Program
Awarded to early career scholars accepted to the SPSSI program.  Applicants pending acceptance are welcome to apply.

To apply for the Conference Fee Waiver Programs you must apply, in one step, for all SPSSI 2021 Conference Fee Waiver Programs for which you are eligible with the following form:

2021 SPSSI Conference Fee Waiver Form


Questions about conference fee waiver programs?  Contact SPSSI's Administrative Manager, Justin Belsley.