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SPSSI-UK has developed 3 policy-focused conferences, which was partly sponsored by SPSSI and took place in different regions of the United Kingdom in 2016. These meetings served as the official launch of SPSSI-UK and gathered social scientists and policy specialists who share a common interest in linking theory and practice to address important social issues. 

“The Psychology if Equality, Security and Human Rights in the UK Context”

SPSSI-UK’s Inaugural Symposium, held at the University of Kent, Canterbury (07.20.2016).

The event, which happened on the hottest day of the year so far, was fully subscribed and was judged by all the participants to have been a great success. The conference included senior policy experts and academics and focused on how to relate psychological knowledge to policy and practice in this area. Seven presentations were given by distinguished researchers from Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Kings, Kent, and Sheffield with significant experience in the psychology of - Terrorism and Defense -Prejudice, Diversity and Multiculturalism The UK’s Position in Europe Equality in Work and Education

Work will now begin on developing a policy briefing on the basis of the presentations and discussions.

For details and pictures from this event, please visit here.

 “The Current Migration Crisis in Europe"

A Cardiff University & SPSSI-UK 2-day conference, held at The Mercure Hotel in Cardiff, Wales (August 30-31, 2016).

It gathered distinguished social psychologists and policy specialists from the United Kingdom and Europe who discussed one of the most important social and policy issues facing the UK – the migration crisis in Europe – including the representation of migrants and asylum seekers in the media and public discourse, and how refugees emotionally integrate in societies. Keynote presentations were given by Professor Batja Mesquita, Professor of Psychology at KU Leuven, Belgium, and Professor Steve Reicher, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of St Andrews.

Sam Parker (Cardiff University), Alastair Nightingale (University of Limerick), and Dr. Simon Goodman (Coventry University) all presented at the conference and have since the meeting collaborated on an article about the “Psychological Perspectives on the Current Refugee Crisis”, which can be found on The Psychologist website (print version coming soon).

For details and pictures from this event, please visit here.

Informational document: A Psychological Perspective on the current "Migration Crisis"

“Shared Space & Reconciliation: Can shared space promote intergroup reconciliation and respect?”

A SPSSI-UK & Queen’s University Belfast meeting, held at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland (12.02.2016)

The event was a collaboration between SPSSI-UK, the Centre for Identity and Intergroup Relations, School of Psychology, and the Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice (Queen’s University Belfast). 8 presentations were given by distinguished researchers and practitioners on topics such as - Shared Space in Schools – Community & International Spaces  - Technology & Shared Space. 

For details and pictures from this event, please visit here.

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