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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee supports the work of the Central Office, Forward and Rookie newsletter editors. This committee is concerned with how SPSSI communicates with its members and with the public, considering modes of communication, necessary technological innovations (e.g., best uses of webinars primarily but not limited to social media, blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages, academic YouTube videos), and our web presence.  It recommends policies and procedures on these communications. The Committee should also consider the content and currency of SPSSI communications (special features and initiatives) and facilitate the drafting and construction of that content as needed.  Committee members should have experience or interest in science communication for a wide audience and within the SPSSI community. Members who have experience using social media platforms to communicate academic work through blogs, twitter, FaceBook and YouTube is beneficial. Members with experience working with traditional media, writing op-eds and speaking on record may also critically important.