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SPSSI's 2018 Summer Conference

Bridges to Justice: Building Coalitions and Collaborations Within and Beyond Psychology

June 29-July 1, 2018 | Pittsburgh Marriott City Center

Known as “The City of Bridges,” Pittsburgh, PA, is unrivaled in its use of art, science, and industry to create a cohesive community. Through the installation of over 400 bridges, the first of which opened in 1818, Pittsburgh grew from a shattered series of hills, planes, and ravines, to a thriving, multicultural metropolis. Inspired by its host city, the 2018 SPSSI conference aims to shed light on and facilitate community building to overcome the varied and interlocking barriers to social justice we face today.

Racism, sexism, heterosexism, xenophobia, classism, ableism, and ageism, are mutually-reinforcing oppressions, linked in both our institutions and social consciousness. To overcome these oppressions, psychologists working towards social justice must creatively collaborate across sub-disciplines, leveraging the complementary strengths of social, developmental, community, cognitive, clinical, and applied perspectives. Psychologists working on social problems must also actively build bridges with policy makers and community organizations to center and translate their work for the public good. Given the global rise in attacks on human rights and active efforts to divide people with different social identities, the 2018 SPSSI conference theme of building bridges is meant to celebrate, inspire, and support the creation of coalitions and collaborations within and beyond psychology--as what one cannot do, many can accomplish.


SYMPOSIA (70 minutes): Symposium presentations include 3 to 4 talks on a common topic. Proposals must include a symposium title (10-word max), a summary of the symposium theme (200-word max), titles (10-word max) and summaries (200-word max) of each participant’s work, and contact information for all presenters. 

INTERACTIVE DISCUSSIONS (70 minutes): In this format, presenters give briefs remarks and facilitate an interactive discussion on a topic relevant to the conference theme. Proposals must include a title (10-word max), a summary (200-word max), and contact information for all presenters (max of 4). 

INDIVIDUAL PRESENTATIONS: Individual proposals, including empirical reports, may be submitted as POSTERS or as 15-MINUTE PRESENTATIONS. Proposals must include a title (10-word max), a summary (200-word max), and contact information for all authors. 

December 20, 2017

* There will be no deadline extension


Asia Eaton, Florida International University
Jason Lawrence, University of Massachusetts Lowell