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Anila Balkissoon

Executive Director


It’s a great honor to pen my inaugural column as SPSSI’s Executive Director - to take a short moment to reflect on my time with the organization, and to contemplate the possibilities of SPSSI’s future.  I've worked for the organization for a number of years.  As I look back on this time, I’m reminded of the great leadership before me.  I want to formally thank my predecessor Dr. Susan Dudley for her years of dedicated service to the organization, and for the mentorship, support, and careful guidance she’s provided to so many of us during her time with SPSSI.  It is exceedingly and continuously appreciated.  I also want to give thanks to the numerous elected leaders of the Society with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with over this time, and our generous, hard-working members that contribute to meeting the goals of our mission each and every day.  You’ve all taught me so much. 

As I assume my role, I’m reminded of the opportunity and growth that professional association brings to individual identity, which I have been fortunate enough to observe closely over these years.  I believe this is SPSSI’s finest asset.  I am a direct beneficiary of the fine work of others, and I do not stand alone in gratitude.   As this issue of the Forward reflects, there is a strong legacy in the Society of teaching and a continuing lineage of scholarship within SPSSI.  I am humbled to be able to carry just one piece of this work onward, in contribution to the rich tapestry of knowledge cultivated and cultured by others before me.  It is clear that our members do this for one another and for their students, colleagues, and constituents each and every day.  If I have an intermediate goal for the future of SPSSI, it will be to remind those we serve of this benefit, and to enable the continued scholarship and work of our members to consistently bring others into the fold. 

On the business side of these notions, I can think of no better time for SPSSI to pursue and conduct strategic planning.  Learn more about this from SPSSI’s President Wendy Williams in our previous newsletter.  In these efforts we are granted the unique ability to meticulously assess where we currently stand, and to consider possibility beyond our current reach.  Following a year filled with organizational change, I am certain that one thing will remain constant – that there is great value in this community, and we are poised now more than ever to enhance our efforts, and showcase this value to a wider audience.  To our wonderful members - feel free to contact me anytime with comments, questions, or concerns regarding the work of Central Office.  I look forward to our work together, and to the exciting next chapter for SPSSI!

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