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Cyndi Lucas

Communications Director


Working Together to Showcase SPSSI's Strengths

Have you seen the conference presentation “Gender, Race and Institutional Trust in the 2016 Election”? Did you know the latest issue of the Journal of Social Issues is out? You can find it right on the SPSSI homepage! And, there’s more!  Dr. Alice Eagly recently shared her insights on SPSSI’s blog, “Sound Science, Sound Policy” with a post “Few Women in Tech” and other entries are available right now. So much is happening in Communications at SPSSI!  Just over a year ago I first introduced myself as SPSSI’s Communications Director. It has been such a pleasure working with and getting to know our members, and highlighting your social and behavioral science research and advocacy work.

One new way SPSSI is communicating with our members is through an email called the “Membership Minute.” Many of you are reading the Membership Minute which is sent twice a month. It contains information about SPSSI programs with upcoming deadlines, news about research from SPSSI colleagues, announcements about awards and grants and information about upcoming events. Check it out the next time it pops up in your inbox. You can expect the next edition on Wednesday, December 27th. If you would like to include an item to share with SPSSI members in the Membership Minute, please send an email to

SPSSI’s social media channels are the primary method of communicating with the general public. In the last year, our social media presence has grown and has allowed us to reach academics in the social and behavioral sciences beyond social psychology. It also allows SPSSI to more easily reach international scholars. Interest in our research publications has increased, as evidenced by a comparison of historical click-through rates. The number of followers on our Facebook page grows daily and the number of followers on our Twitter account recently passed 5000, a 65% increase in the last year. The messaging about SPSSI’s research, awards and programs, conferences, events and SPSSI blog posts are coordinated across all our social media accounts in order to maximize the visibility and cross-promotion of the content. Find recordings of Congressional hearings, briefing, SPSSI webinars and conference sessions on our YouTube channel. SPSSI members can participate in these communications efforts by liking and sharing SPSSI content or providing links to your own published research, news articles featuring your work or teaching materials you use in your classes. Many SPSSI members have contributed their work to be shared via SPSSI’s social media channels. Please continue to share your research, teaching resources and other materials by sending them to

Finally, our Communications Committee, Chaired by Dr. Keon West is kicking off a new project to feature SPSSI publications and members in short YouTube videos. Each video will be 2 - 3 minutes long and is being produced by a videographer to ensure a high quality, professional product. If you are interested in participating, please click through to the Google survey and you will be contacted by our production team with logistical details. No travel is required in order to participate in the production of these videos. SPSSI will contact interested researchers about participation in the project; some research may not be suitable for video production, but we welcome the interest and may be able to highlight your work in other ways. Please consider participating in this new and important project.

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